Privat Dozent Dr.-Ing. Uli LohbauerUli Lohbauer

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
Zahnklinik 1 - Zahnerhaltung und Parodontologie
Werkstoffkundliches Labor

Glückstraße 11

D - 91054 Erlangen


Tel.: +49 9131 8543740

Fax.: +49 9131 8534207




Short biographic Abstract

Ulrich Lohbauer is supervisor of the Research Laboratory for Dental Biomaterials at the Dental Clinic 1 (Operative Dentistry and Periodontology). The Laboratory interests are focused towards mechanical performance of dental materials such as multilayer ceramics, nanofilled polymers, or biocompatible and self-adhesive cements. The nanoscaled adhesive interface to human tissue plays a central role in the microstructural assessment of the tooth-restoration compartment. A further focus is based on modern processing techniques such as CAD/CAM processing and its effect on long term stability and lifetime or restorations. The laboratory has promoted as an internationally recognized center for clinical fractography. Based on the broad fractographic outcome, restoration design and clinical failures reasons are critically considered research interests. The research motivation is always supported and driven by a strong clinical background and focused on the specific dental needs.