Valentina Miguez Pacheco


Bioactive glass scaffolds with complex architectures


Investigator: Valentina Miguez Pacheco (Doktorandin)Valentina Miguez Pacheco

Henkestraße 91 
91052 Erlangen

Raum 02.023a

Tel.: 09131 85-25525



Betreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini


The main goal of this project is the design and development of glass-based biomaterials and their composites which will be used in the production of multifunctional, fully resorbable and mechanically competent scaffolds for bone repair. Within this added functionality, drug and ion release will be explored whilst also considering the effects that these functionalities and complex scaffold's architecture will have on the biodegradability of the scaffolds and on the cell-scaffold interaction.
The research activities of this project are carried out within the ongoing European Project BIOBONE