Improving injectable hydrogels for bone repair by incorporating bioactive glass nanoparticles


Investigator: Jingjing Wu (Visiting PhD student, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)

Jingjing Wu


Ulrich-Schalk-Straße 3
91056 Erlangen
Phone: (+49) 1590 8461 089


Supervisor (HUST): Prof. Ying Wan

Supervisor (FAU): Prof. Dr. Ing. Aldo R. Boccaccini


Bioactive glasses (BGs) can be doped with specific metallic ions which play additional roles in osteogenesis, angiogenesis and antibacterial applications [1]. When a hydrogel containing BG nanoparticles is used for bone repair, the released ions can promote osteogenesis as such ions interact with osteoblasts while inhibiting bone resorption resulted from osteoclasts. In this project, we intend to prepare composite injectable hydrogels containing a series of ion doped BG particles. The new materials will be characterized in vitro.

[1] A. Hoppe, V. Mouriño, and A.R. Boccaccini, “Therapeutic inorganic ions in bioactive glasses to enhance bone formation and beyond,” Biomater. Sci., 1 [3] 254–256 (2013).